Wellness Offers



Food plays an important role in our health and well-being, but sometimes it’s hard to know what’s really good for us.
As a dietician, I am here to help you rebalance your diet whatever your objective is ! After the first consultation, you will be given a personalized food plan.
If you wish to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, I can also guide you towards a smooth transition.

Rates :
First consultation and food plan: 150 CHF
First follow-up: 80 CHF
Other follow-up consultations: 50 CHF



Yoga Massage :
Gentle massage that combines stretching and light pressure. Very meditative and therefore perfect for reconnecting with oneself.
60 CHF for 45 minutes

Foot reflexology :
Foot reflexology is a preventive and therapeutic method that aims to stimulate our body’s immune system by putting pressure on the reflex zones of the foot.
50 CHF for 30 minutes

YogHappiness Massage


Need to regain your health of body and mind?
What you need: a complete and personalized follow-up allowing you to transform yourself both physically and mentally!
Private yoga classes, diet plan, massage and personalized follow-up… this program will allow you to go further on the road to well-being!

Rates :
As the program is personal and individualized, the rate may vary according to your needs.
Example of rates (per month) :
No time commitment: between CHF 275 and CHF 1067
With a 12-month commitment: between CHF 248 and CHF 960